Tesla killers are coming

  • October 23, 2018 12:36 AM

The CHARGE for EV supremacy from tradition car makers has begun Any major auto show I go to these days, electric vehicles(EVs)are taking center stage.Its not that customers are rushing out to buy them (EVs still account for less than one per cent of all worldwide car sales)but the realization that EVs will be the future and the time to enter that race is now.

THE BATTLE BEGAINS - Bad news for Tesla and its owner Elon Musk, the poster boy (or should we say spoiled child?)of the EV world because the global auto giants have shown their intent to go for the jugular. Take a look at the ultra futuristic Mercedes Vision EQ Silver Arrow, Which Looks like its from the year 2100. it Bat mobile-like retractable canopy in action. And the cabin? its a snug, single seat cockpit with more screen than a gamers den. This may be the Mercedes of the distant future but the Mercedes of the not too distant future is going to be a very different beast too. if you can call a noiseless and emission-free vehicle a beast, that is. Say hello to Mercedes-EQ,the German car makers new EV brand. Its ready witch its first model, the first of 10 before 2025,and its here to take the fight to Tesla,and Win.

Leading the charge is the EQC,a five-seat SUV that’s based on the regular GLC PLATFORM. But it promises to be nothing like the donor model in the way it drives. There is no engine and what you get instead is a pair of electric motors that together produce a whooping 407 BHP. Is that enough to propel a vehicle weighed down by heavy batteries? Despite its 2,425kg weight witch is around 500kg more than an equivalent SUV with a regular engine, the EQC is still capable of sprinting from 0-100 kph in just 5.1 seconds.

Of course, the number of greater interest is range. Mercedes claims a rang of 470 km which, if not class-leading, is more than sufficient. Charging time? Ten to 80 per cent in 40 minutes form a DC charger, the type that will become commonplace in Europe and the USA in the years to come. Trouble is, the EQC itself

won’t become commonplace in India. Mercedes has said it will consider the EQC for India only when the requisite charging infrastructure is in place. THE FUTURE IS HERE Rival Audi sees things differently It’s convinced threes a market for luxury EVs in India and ais confident its e-torn SUVs (also Audis first dedicated EV)400km range will be whom the model will be an addition to the garage.

So come late 2019,you"ll be able to buy one at your nearby Audi dealership. Before you scoff, “Where would you charge it “know that Audi will provide charging hardware with the car Plug it, shut it, forget it. A fast charger can get the lithium-ion battery to 80 per cent in all of 30 minutes. Think about it,300km range over a cub of coffee.

Like the Mercedes EQC,the e-tron also uses two months, and combined max power is a similar 408hp.And 0-100kph comes up in a not-too-shabby 5.5 seconds. hats about as quick as sports cars from a few years ago In look, the 5 seat e-tron is identifiable as an Audi SUV alright but it does get some unique detailing to set it apart. But the talking point of the model has got to be its Virtual mirrors. Cameras take the place of the traditional wing mirrors and project the image on screen on the doors. Its something that we’ve only seen on concept cars for years and its cool to finally see the transition to road car.

The next year will see the first crop of high-tech EVs hitting the road.Unfortunately,they won"t be cheap but those who can affoed them will be doing their bit for the plant.

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