How to earn money from internet

  • October 24, 2018 12:25 AM

Many people want to know that how they can earn money from the internet. Friends, if seen, there are many ways to earn money online but most of them just waste of time. Therefore, i will tell you some popular ways to earn money from internet.First of all you need to understand one thing that there is no magic or shortcut to make money from internet, mean to say you need neet and clean/unique content (not copied from others) , dedication and most importantly patience. Making money from internet is a good idea but not easy. Making money from internet is full time job that requires hard work and Patience. Therefore, get the information about the ways I am going to tell you, and then think of earning money by working with hard work and patience.


I think blogging is the best and trusted way of earning online money on internet because in the meantime I earn money by blogging myself and millions of people around the world are making money through blogging. Blogging in the general language means any topic Writing on and reaching millions of people on the Internet through a website or blog. Now, to earn money, there are so many ways to earn money from Blog

Youtube Channel

Often you must have heard that people also make money from Youtube. This is absolutely true and you can also earn money from Youtube. But for this, you should have a copy in your talent and skills.
To earn money on Youtube, you must first create a channel on which you have to upload your own video, You can upload any video on Comedy, Acting, Pranks, Tutorials, Gadget Reviews, etc.
After uploading videos, when you have 1,000 subscribers on your channel and watch time of 4000 hours, you can earn money by monetizing your videos by showing ads on your videos. In addition, you can earn money through Affilaite marketing, Paid Promotion.

Affilaite Marketing

Just like many online product companies, ecommerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart etc., in the same way millions of companies hire Salesmen to sell their products. Also run Affiliate programs to sell your products. Any person selling products of these stores through the affiliate programs, and when the product is sold, the company gives some commission to that person. All companies have different commission rates, which are usually between 2% to 20% or if you sell the product of 1000 rupees, you can earn a commission from 20 rupees to 200 rupees.

Ads Clicking

This is one of the easiest ways to make money online, but this can only earn you an average income (8 to 10 thousand). Under the Ad Clicking or Online Survey, you can use Survey companies such as Clicksense, Opinion Rewards, Swagbucks etc. It has to be registered in After registering, these companies will give you some survey from time to time, in which you will have to answer some common questions. Upon qualifying each survey, you will get some money (from $ 0 to $ 10) as a reward.

As I mentioned earlier, with this method you can not earn much income which has many reasons like

Lack of Surveys.
Get qualified to be qualified in very low surveys.
Earning equal to most of the ads
Buy and Sell Domain

First of all, know what the domain is like. Domain is the address of any website or blog which we also call Url or Link like our blog is There are some popular websites to buy a domain fro any domain service provider like godaddy,Bigrock, Hostgator etc.(For me its godadyy)

Buying and selling a domain is a great way to earn money from internet, in which you can sell the domain purchased in 100-500 at the same time as the tripled price.

First of all, you have to buy a domain from Godaddy which you will get in 400 to 500 rupees. When buying a domain, you have to be careful that the domain you buy should be unique so that people are ready to buy it at any cost.

Now they are yours after buying the domain, now you can sell it at any cost. To sell the domain, you can sell a price in Goaddy's Auction.

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