Why Luxury Technology Is An Oxymoron

  • November 17, 2018 2:52 PM

There are some really good oxymoron in this world my favourites are minor naturally clearly confused and happily married ! Ironically even the word oxymoron is itself oxymoron meaning a contradiction in itself.It comes from two ancient Greek words, oxys which means sharp and moron’s which means dull. But the single greatest oxymoron has to be luxury technology. let Random Rack will tell you why?

Luxury is about a state of the mind what a brand or a product conjures up as a mental image and the feelings that go with it . The legacy of a brand the passing on from one generation to another the sense of aura and achievement it evokes from within. Technology is about jaw dropping innovation coming up with the next big thing making last years product and its features look obsolete and redundant and coming up with new blow your socks off features.

Compare the two and you will realise that these are two extremes. One is about timeless elegance and the other about breaking time barriers. One eschews perfect stillness and the other is in a state of constant dynamic momentum.

A Question For you
Let Take the example of a product that actually plays within both side. A watch. Luxury watch have been around for hundreds of years and yet the bashful new smart watch is trying to break through this market. Would you spend some serious money on a designer smart watch?
A all-gold smart watch with diamonds as buttons? A watch that sets you back by 15Lakh?
You would? Okay, Let me rephrase that question. Would you spend 15lakh on a smart watch which has a tiny, Dimly-lit VGA screen does not have any of the new features introduced in the new OS. can not read your heartbeat can not give you an ECG report can not connect to your phone, can not receive calls , can not reply to massages and get laughed at every time someone sees it on you? that's a luxury smart watch after a year or two. On the other hand a luxury mechanical watch will continue to be a statement piece and an heirloom for decades to come.

Those That Tried

Almost every designer brand has tried to come out with a smart watch. Most of them are now available at 90 percent of and most designers have abandoned the market. Vertu a very successful luxury mobile phone market had to eventually shut shop as normal 700 feature phone had more features than a US $10000Vertu.Even Apple which came in brandishing a large luxury sword in the shape of the Apple watch had to meekly withdraw because the middle east luxury market did not generate much demand When a marketing master company like apple has to surrender you know there is a major problem.

The Mistake

There is another example of failed luxury tech. When normal brand name onto a device. A Ferrari laptop a Lamborghini phone an Armani head phone. This basically guarantees a truly terrible product. In fact it is a big name association it's an inferior piece of tech. Not the best way to sell Luxury.


There is one category in techs that has been able to pull off luxury unfortunately it mostly a gimmick played out as a con. That's the audio business where brands are able to sell speakers and audio equipment as luxury high end pay a kings-ransom products. That's because at its core speaker tech has not really changed much over many years.

The audio industry has very successfully been able to camouflage that simple tech as a complex very intricate technology. Adding jargon and convoluted set-up procedures, they sell simple thing as god's gift to jewel encrusted connecting cable that have nitrogen filled audiophile experts that come and set up your home theatre are all part of the con played on us. Fortunately it's time up for most of them as new audio technology delivers fantastic sound with no set up required. Is there a category of tech that may be able to break this luxury techjinx Let me know if you think there could finally be a category to break this oxymoron once and for all.

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