26/11 - 60 hours of terror

  • November 23, 2018 4:49 PM


On the evening of November 26, 2008, 10 terrorists landed in Mumbai having travelled by sea in a fishing boat and over the next two days unleashed mayhem and bloodshed across India’s financial capital that left 166 people dead and 238 injured many of whom live with the scars to this day but as India observes the 10th anniversary of one of the worst terror attacks it has suffered what are the lessons we have learnt? Are our coasts more secure our counter-terror operations more robust and our daily policing stronger?

Over the coming five days Random Rack will explore the strategic legal and human aspects of the attacks and find out whether india is ready to prevent a repeat of 26/11


Let's know deep that what was done on 26/11

03/11 - Karachi 10 Pakistani terrorists leave Karachi by boat
26/11 - 8:30PM Badhwar Park Arubber dinghy lands at Maachimarnagar opposite badhwar park.Eight youngsters get off the dinghy, while two stay back in and head towards Nariman Point the eight carry large haversacks.Four of them head to gateway of india the other four move towards colaba.
9:25PM Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus The First shots are fired at chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus by Mohammed Ajmal Kasab and Ismail khan into the crowd they hurl grenades between platforms 12 and 15.
9:30PM Leopold Cafe Four terrorists open fire at leopold cafe killing 10
9:45PM Taj Mahal Hotel Two terrorists breat in to Taj Mahal Hotel and move in to the restaurants, spraying bullets. Guests upstairs hear gunshots. A fire starts in the lobby. Twenty people mostly foreign tourists taken hostage.
9:55PM Vile Parle Powerful explosion in a taxi destroys vehicle; victims' body parts flung 300 metres away.
10:00PM Oberoi-Trident Hotel Two terroorists enter the premises and start shooting at the crowd in the lobby and restaurants
10:20PM Cama Hospital Terrorists arrive at the back gate of the hospital prompting staff to lock up patients’. Minutes later, a gunfight breaks out between a group of police officers and the terrorists resulting in the deaths of six officers
27/11 - 1:00AM Chowpatty Firing reported at girgaum chowpatty. Reports come in that kasab has been arrested massive fire at the Taj spotted central dome catches fire
3:00AM Taj Hotel/Oberoi Hotel Naval commandos enter the hotel as more fires break out in the premises
4:00AM Taj Hotel First set of evacuations begins
6:00AM Airport National security guard land in mumbai. three columns of army move in to the city
4:00PM Oberoi-Trident Hotel Some hostages mostly foreign are freed
6:00PM Air India Building 27 hostages are freed
11:00PM Nariman House Eight people are rescued.
28/11 - 12:47AM Taj Mahal Hotel Big explosion rocks hotel
7:00AM Nariman House NSG takes over nariman house. Commandos dropped on to roof
9:30AM Taj Hotel Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan of NSG falls to terrorist fire as forces push attackers deeper in to hotel.
3:00PM OberoiTrident Hotel Two terrorists at hotel oberoi killed. Operation concludes as more hostages rescued.
6:00PM Nariman House Forces Secure Nariman House Operation Concludes.
29/11 8:00AM Taj Mahal Hotel Operation cyclone ends at Taj Mahal Hotel with all terrorists being killed.

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