ISRO is ready for it's first fully commercial foreign satellites launch on September 16

  • September 14, 2018 5:06 PM

ISRO's Satellite launch vehicle

Indian Space Research Organization is ready for a full commercial launch on Sunday (September 16th) from Sriharikota , when PSLV C42 will fly with two British satellites from Launchpad.
Two UK satellite- Novasar and S 1-4, each weighed 450 kilograms, will be the main payload. Britain will use these satellites for Earth's observation.

Speaking to TOI on Monday, Chairman of ISRO Shivan said, "This will be a full commercial launch. However, this is not the first time that ISRO is going to launch full commercial".
ISRO is working on small launch vehicles to carry the satellite up to 700 kg. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will also set up an incubation center at six places in the country to encourage new start-ups. ISRO has announced that it will create small launch vehicles which will carry a satellite of 500 to 700 kg, because demand for small launch vehicles used for communication purposes is increasing.

On April 23, 2007, the space agency launched the rocket for the first time for commercial purpose. PSLV-CA took Italy's astronomical satellite AGILE as the main payload. After this, on July 10, 2015, ISRO established another milestone when it successfully carried out the largest commercial mission, because its PSLV-XL had weighed five UK satellites of 1,439 kilograms simultaneously.
So far, ISRO has launched 237 foreign satellites in 28 countries. Therefore, ISRO is making every effort to become a big competitor, as it wants to launch more and more commercial satellites to achieve a large part of the global market.

Unfortunately, ISRO still holds 0.6% stake in the global satellite launch market, which has an estimated cost of 36,000 crores. On the other hand, US private space agency SpaceX, owned by Allen Musk, which had a 5% stake in the commercial satellite launch market in 2013, has increased its share of 45% in 2017 due to its low cost and re-usable rocket technology. This year's share is estimated to be 60%. The U.S. government-owned Space Agency NASA and Space X occupy more than 65% of the market share, followed by the European Space Agency area space.

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