Supreme court has anounced historic judgement on Ayodhya-Namaj case

  • September 27, 2018 10:57 PM

Babri Masjid

Hearing on the Ayodhya case will be held in Supreme Court today, wherein a decision will be taken and case to be transferred to a higher constitution bench

The Supreme Court is may be deliver a historical verdict tomorrow afternoon.This historic verdict could impact whether a temple will be built at Ayodhya or not.
This historic verdict will be one of the last verdicts of Chief Justice of India, Deepak Misra, before his retirement.

The Supreme Court will decide whether Namaz or Islamic prayers can be offered anywhere.
In 1994, the Supreme Court said that Namaz could be offered anywhere and that a mosque was not necessary for this. It also mentioned that the government could acquire the land that a mosque is built on( if needed).

Muslim parties say that this verdict is not fair and this old decision played a big role in the disputed land in Ayodhya being divided in 2010 into three parts by the Allahabad High Court.
According Allahabad High Court, the land should be split between Hindu and Muslim parties, though the main part was given to Hindus.

The decision of the Allahabad High Court has been challenged in the Supreme Court by Hindus and Muslims. If SC on Friday decides to revisit the issue that namaz can be offered anywhere,that means a temple can be built in Ayodhya, it will be an advantage to ruling party BJP before the elections in 2019.

What is Ayodhya dispute?
In India Ayodhya dispute is a political, historical and religious dispute,centred on a part of land in the Ayodhya city, located in Faizabad district, Uttar Pradesh.The main issues ramble around religious belief of Hindus.Hindus belief is that Ayodhya is birthplace of the Hindu lord Rama.According Hindu communtity in India it is considered that Babri Mosque built on previous Hindu temple that was either demolished or modified to create the mosque in 16th century by Babar and named it Babri Masjid.

The Babri Masjid was destroyed in 6 December 1992 by karsewaks or right-wing volunteers. Babri Masjid brought down so that a temple could be built to Lord Ram,was born right here.

Is a mosque an essential part of the practice of Islam?
The word mosques/Masjid means a place where worship is done by Muslims. The present mosques's form and structure is not defined in Islam. It has been designed by Muslims.According to Islamic belief any place which is clean can be used to pray(Namaz).it can be a room, big hall, or any other place where one can pray.However Quran recommends fixing a place for regular worship.

Verdict on Ayodhya -Namaj case
Plea has been rejected in 2:1 judgement.

No exception can be taken in 1994 verdict.

Supreme court declined to transfer case to larger bench.

Supreme court to hear Ayodhya case in 29 days.

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