IIT Kanpur to develop 5-G station

  • October 21, 2018 9:42 PM

The Institute of Technology ,Kanpur(IIT-K) has received an ambitious project of setting up a 5-G base station in the city from the Department of Science and Technology(DST).

The base station will boost internet speed, providing 5-G services to mobile users.
The institute has been given the project for a period of three years and will be completed by 2020,prof Rohit Budhiraja of the electrical engineering department at the institute said. To encourage indigenous manufacturing the DST recently funded a 5GBase station which was being built at various IITs the IISc,and research organization in India.

The Departmental of Electrical Engineering, IIT-K was leading the base station design effort, said Budhiraja1. A team including 13 professors, B Tech and M Tec students were engaged in developing the 5-G base station.

The complete set up of the station was almost ready and it would be made operative within next two years. Earlier, speaking about the importance of the 5-G at a seminar"5-G Communications Driving the Future”, IIT-K director proof Abhay Karandikar said that wireless communication was important in the Indian context because for most Indians,call phones were they continue to be the primary phones for many Indians today. For broadband connections as well wireless networks will play a huge role in the country as opposed to the West where internet connectivity was largely with the help of fiber optic cables.

On the 5G devices front, experts expect customer premises equipment (CPE) to appear first, followed by tablets and terminals. 5G, say experts, will be able to handle more data, connect more devices, and significantly reduce latency—the time it takes for a packet of data to get from one designated point to another. 5G also enables Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) and promises to improve network capacity, thus improving the quality of service (QoS).

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