First Female Boxer To Become The World Champion 6 Times - Marcom Created

  • November 27, 2018 5:03 PM

Indian’s legend MC Mary Kom made history on Saturday. The 35-year-old star has got the world record of winning the most (6) gold medal in the Women's World Boxing Championship. Marcom has become the first woman boxer to win a medal in seven world boxing championships.

Mercor achieved a golden success in the 10th edition of the championship. In the final of the 48-kilogram hurdle in KD Jadhav Hall of Indira Gandhi Stadium in New Delhi, they achieved an unprecedented achievement of six gold medals in the World Boxing championship by defeating the 5-0 win over Haryana's Hannah Okhota.With this, London Olympic 2012's bronze medalist Magnificent Mary left behind Ireland's legendary Katie Taylor (2006-16), who won 5 gold medals. Katie is now trying to bet in the professional circuit.Mary Kom's 7th (6 Gold + One Silver) medal in the women's world boxing championship. Record of winning the most medal is now Mercor's name. Katie Taylor (5 Gold + 1 Bronze) is now lagging behind.

Most medal winner in women's world boxing championship
1. MyCom (India 2001-18) 48 kg / 45 kg / 46 kg: 6 Gold, 1 Silver
2. Katie Taylor (Ireland 2006-16) 60 kg: 5 Gold, 1 Bronze

Men's boxing boxer equals
Mercor has equaled the three-time Olympic champion Qubai (1986-99) veteran Felix Sevon, who won the gold medal in men's world boxing championship by placing the Golden Six. Felix's name also has 6 gold medals. Women-men: Equals in the World Boxing Championship
- MyCom (India 2001-18) 48 kg / 45 kg / 46 kg: 6 gold, 1 silver
- Felix Sevon (Cuba 1986-99) 91 kg: 6 gold, 1 silver Manipuri star Marcom has won gold medal in the World Boxing Championship after 8 years. Prior to this, he had won gold medal in this class in Bridgetown in 2010. He also won gold medal in World Championships held in Delhi in 2006.

How often did Mary Kom win medals in the World Boxing Championships

Gold Medal: 2002 Antalya (Turkey) 45 kg
Gold Medal: 2005 Podolsk (Russia) 46 kg
Gold Medal: 2006 New Delhi 46 kg
Gold Medal: 2008 Ningbo City (China) 46 kg
Gold Medal: 2010 Bridgetown (Barbados) 48 kg
Gold Medal: 2018 New Delhi 48 kg
Silver Medal: Scranton 2001 (USA) Scranton 48 kg

Mercor had defeated Kim Hyang Mi of North Korea 5-0 in the unanimous decision in the semi-final on Thursday.Marcor became emotional by winning the title Mary said, 'I thank all my fans for this victory, who came here to support me here. I am thankful to all of you. This is a great moment for me.

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